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Kaleidoscope (Bloom 1)

Category: 2D

Medium: 30 colored glass pieces

Year: 2021

Dimensions: 107 x 100 x 13 cm


The unique and very sophisticated glass object Kaleidoscope comes from the studio of one of the most remarkable contemporary Czech artists Jan Kaláb, whose artworks often refer to the creative roots of graffiti and street art. Although he has gradually taken this visual culture from the street to prestigious gallery spaces across the world, he has never abandoned his capacity for experimentation and his desire to explore new techniques and structures. It is with Kaleidoscope that Kaláb demonstrates his new discovery. Instead of working with the frames of canvases, whose individualization and composition he used to create pictorial objects, he has shifted his interest to glass, whose precise shaping and color variation creates a visually very captivating object, whose flamboyance alludes to monumental Gothic stained glass. This is an absolutely exclusive, the first glass object by Jan Kaláb, which he created in collaboration with the Kolektiv Ateliers studio of glass artists from Nový Bor.

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