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Kaleidoscope (Shaped of Fire) 922

Category: 2D

Medium: acrylic on 40 canvases

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm


This piece made an auction record in Kold gallery and was sold for 1.320.000 Kč (54.750 Eur)

The spectacular work Kaleidoscope 922 (SHADES OF FIRE) comes from the studio of one of the most sought-after contemporary artists Jan Kaláb. The sophisticated compositional system of many self-made blindframes of organic shapes together form a unified painting object, reminiscent of a fleeting experience of a fleeting moment when several small particles in a kaleidoscope come together in a single colour synchrony. This visually and sensually highly compelling artwork has its roots in the visual culture of graffiti and for Kaláb represents an exploration and analysis of space within the classical image, making him an internationally recognized and sought-after artist. Because of the complex system of separate canvases composed into a single unit, the work could be considered more of an object. In fact, Kaláb has been close to spatial creation since his studies at the Prague Academy, when he created 3D graffiti and placed them in well-selected locations around Prague. The work comes directly from the artist’s studio and is adjusted in the artist’s frame.

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