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Virus 0420 (Anticovid)

Category: 2D

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Year: 2020

Dimensions: Ø 120 cm


About the Artwork

Exhibited in “KarARTetna” charity group show in Trafo Gallery, Praha 2020
This piece was cold in auction in Kodl Gallery and hepled 5 non profit organizations.

“When I painted the picture of VIRUS 0420 (Anticovid) I thought of those who are working hard to develop the antidote, so it was created in their honor. Once a cure is available, Covid will indeed become just another flu. Reactions to my image on social media led me to the idea of selling the image and donating the proceeds to research facilities. It was clear to me that in order to sell the painting for the highest price, I needed the best auction house. That’s why I contacted Martin Kodl. Then, when I reconsidered who to donate the money to, I realised that there would be a huge business and politics involved in developing a cure, so it would be better to support those who are more neglected.” Jan Kaláb

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