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Perceptual Vertigo

Avantgarden Gallery, Milan, Italy, 2017

The gallery, renowned in promoting avant-garde culture, actually finding more and more space in Italy, presents PERCEPTUAL VERTIGO, a group exhibition of an international trio of excellence: CT, ELIAN CHALI and JAN KALAB.

The three artists are active around the world and their work, grown over the years, has gained extreme popularity, giving the three individuality a crucial role in development and recognition of the global street art. CT, ELIAN CHALI and JAN KALAB originate from graffiti writing, but they have undertaken an artistic path that led them away, toward a graphic and chromatic synthesis of the sign, which is, at the same time, dry and powerfully deep and seductive.
A proposed survey based on a metaphysical inclination that brings us to the fundamental nature of the form, its internal tension, placing in “listening” to his invisible background. CT, ELIAN CHALI and JAN KALAB propose, in the Avantgarden Gallery spaces, site-specific interventions, as the gallery owner Manfredi Brunelli Bonetti says, “they are inspiring to a contemporary Kandinsky, in which they emphasized point, line and surface.”

From here PERCEPTUAL VERTIGO: it is a perceptual vertigo, driven by a chromatic mantra, a vertigo “controlled” by the ability of the three artists to “open” the physical space towards illusion and virtuality. The examples are “Intersuperfici” by JAN KALAB and the management of the perspective of ELIAN CHALI interventions, and the intertwining of the monochromatic backgrounds by CT. These are artists that, at this point, have become radical in their site-specific interventions that transform the space, taming it and never dominating. The sign becomes hypnotic, thanks to the familiarity that the three protagonists of the exhibition have with the third dimension, like an optical illusion that invites a perceptual journey.

PERCEPTUAL VERTIGO is an exhibition that well represents the underground roots of the three artists, in line with the sense of color and the refined taste of minimalist geometry that characterizes the entire artistic and curatorial research of the gallery.

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