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Ripple Effect

Hashimoto Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, 2022

About the show

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Ripple Effect, featuring new works by Dan Lam and Jan Kaláb. Each of the artist’s unearthly works capture the tension between moments through color, form and texture.
Texas-based sculptor Dan Lam returns to the gallery for her fourth presentation with the gallery. We are also pleased to present Prague-based painter Jan Kaláb’s inaugural presentation. Cascades of saturated color intermingle across each artist’s work, creating ethereal organic forms that challenge perceptions of volume and motion.
Fluid color gradients ripple across Jan Kaláb’s shaped canvases and Dan Lam’s dripping sculptures. Utilizing resins, foam and chromatic pigments, Lam’s oozing tactile sculptures balance between repulsion and attraction, drawing the viewer in to ponder the origins of each work. Kaláb’s precise and volumetric canvases brim with luminous color and subtle details, evoking frozen celestial events. The artists’ work converse amongst one another in a language of color and arrested motion to create a radiant chorus.